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Examples of Urban resilience strategies

This section contains three types of documents:

  • Adaptation Strategies: The complete strategy documents of select cities tackling adaptation.
  • ICLEI Case Studies: Case studies from ICLEI members who are also ahead of the curve in developing adaptation activities.
  • Other examples of city action to build adaptive capacity and resilience.

For a safer future – Insights on climate resilience from India

Type: Film

From: Output of the learning programme on subnational climate compatible development funded by CDKN and run together with ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability

Date: August 2015

Produced by TERI India and released by the Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group (GEAG) - in collaboration with the Institute of Social and Environmental Transition (ISET) and the National Institute of Disaster Management (NDIM), the film For a safer future – Insights on climate resilience from India, tells the story of “chronically flood prone” Gorakhpur district in Eastern Uttar Pradesh state. Local people have traditionally been attuned to the ebb and flow of seasonal floods – until global warming changed everything. The film charts how, in the past two years, Gorakhpur authorities, civil society experts and farming communities have worked to put climate change issues at the heart of disaster preparation plans. Read more:

See film>>>


Housing, Basic Services and Urban Poverty Alleviation under JNNURM in a Hilly Town: A Case Study of Shimla

Type: Study

Editors: Manoj Kumar Teotia

Publisher: Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development (CRRID)

Date: January 2015

The urban population in Himachal Pradesh (HP), a predominantly hilly state is growing and concentrating in the larger towns, such as Simla, which is its capital. Shimla has grown out of proportion with the influx of migrants from rural areas. The quality of housing, basic services and livelihood in the city is far from desired. This detailed study provides input from inter‐sectoral dimension of housing, basic services and urban poverty and draws up a comprehensive model of urban development and poverty alleviation. This will help other municipalities of HP to carry similar activities in a better way.

The state of cities in North-Western India: A case of selected JNNURM cities (Study focus city: Srinagar)

Type: Study

Editors: Manoj Kumar Teotia and Rajender Kumar

Publisher: Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development (CRRID)

Date: January 2015

This is a comprehensive "state of city" case study for a representative city of North-West India. Several such studies were launched for cities in the same area, which was identified by the Central Government under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) in a phased manner. In the first phase, a study of Srinagar city, which is one of the two major cities of the Jammu and Kashmir state, covered under JNNURM by the Central Government, has been undertaken in order to learn about existing status of various urban issues. After describing the urban environment and governance in the region and the city of Srinagar, in particular, the study provides an overall picture of the existing state of the city and strategies for its improvement, planning and development.

Enabling City- Volume 2: enhancing creative community resilience

Type: Book

Editors: Chiara Camponeschi

Publisher: Creative Commons

Date: 2013

80 initiatives hailing from over 40 countries, provocative chapters and infographics, and a lot more - all with a focus on the relationship between public space and democracy, the links between place-based action and resilience, and the role that social innovation can and must play in order to advance both.  More...

Strong, Safe, and Resilient: A Strategic Policy Guide for Disaster Risk Management in East Asia and the Pacific

Type: Strategy

Editors: Abhas K. Jha, Zuzana Stanton-Geddes

Publisher: European Commission

Date: 2013

The strategy helps decision-makers across the East Asia and the Pacific region to identify the key challenges, best practices, and priorities in the short, medium, and long term. The report presents a comprehensive disaster risk management framework that offers practical opportunities for targeted policy action and investments, stretching across sectors and jurisdictions and reaching all the way to communities at risk and the most vulnerable populations.  More...

An EU Strategy on adaptation to climate change

Type: Strategy

Publisher: European Commission

Date: April 2013

By complementing the activities of its Member States, the strategy supports action by promoting greater coordination and information-sharing between Member States, and by ensuring that adaptation considerations are addressed in all relevant EU policies. The EU's role can be particularly appropriate when climate change impacts transcend borders of individual states and when impacts vary considerably across regions. Strategy focuses on three key objectives: Promoting action by Member States, 'Climate-proofing' action at EU level, and Better informed decision-making. More...

Indore - City Resilience Strategy for Changing Climatic Scenarios

Type: Strategy

Author: Anup Karanth et al.

Date: May 2012

The strategy provides a framework for the development of a climate resilience strategy for the city of Indore. It has been developed based on interaction with city stakeholders, sector studies conducted to understand different dimensions of the current situation, information from secondary literature, and through the conduct of a risk to resilience workshop. More...

Surat City Resilience Strategy

Type: Strategy

Author: ACCCRN

Date: April 2011

The strategy provides a framework for the development of a climate resilience strategy for the city of Surat. It has been developed based on interaction with city stakeholders, sector studies conducted to understand different dimensions of the current situation and information from secondary literature. More...

Copenhagen Climate Adaptation Plan

Type: Plan

Author: City of Copenhagen

Date: 2011

With this climate adaptation plan the City of Copenhagen outlines its challenges as the results of changes expected in the future climate. Appropriate solutions as well as opportunities that climate change presents to the city are identified. More...

Sorsogon City Strategy for Climate Change Resilience

Type: Report

Publisher: City of Sorsogon, Philippines 

Date: 2010

This strategy document outlines the city of Sorsogon's efforts to analyze its current resilience to climate changes and to propose solutions to increase the ability of its people and infrastructure to successfully adapt and thrive in the face of predicted climate changes. More...

Climate Change Adaptation in New York City: Building a Risk Management Response  

Type: Report

Editors: Michael R. Bloomberg, Jeffrey D. Sachs, Gillian M. Small

Publisher: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

Date: May 2010

This report details the formation of the New York City Panel on Climate Change (NPCC) and the scientific, legal, insurance, and risk assessment methodology used to consider formulate city-specific climate change projections, tools, strategies and recommendations on how to foster an effective climate resilience program. More...

City Resilience Strategy: Semarang's adaptation plan in responding to Climate Change

Type: Strategy Document

Author: City Working Group of Semarang City

Publisher: ACCCRN

Date: 2010

The document is designed to help the city develop a series of strategies to adapt to climatic changes in the city, and to integrate these strategies into urban development policy. More...

Gold Coast City Council Climate Change Strategy 2009-2014

Type: Strategy

Author: Gold Coast City Council, Australia

Date: May 2009

This integrated adaptation and mitigation strategy outlines in a comprehensive ways both the risks of climate changes to this coastal city, and the measures the Council hopes to introduce to adapt to these changes while also reducing carbon emissions. More...