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Adaptation and Human Development

The regions and populations most under threat from climatic changes and extreme weather are predominantly in the developing world, in countries least able to deal with these changes. The links between climate adaptation, resilience and human development are therefore strong.

This section contains material on the links between adaptation and development at a broad scale, and some of the human and social development issues through the lens of climate adaptation.

The State of Cities in North-Western India: A Case of Selected JNNURM Cities (Study Focus City: Amritsar)

Type: Study

Author: Manoj Kumar Teotia

Publisher: Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development (CRRID)

Date: 2013

This study collected data of existing conditions of Amritsar city and future trends of urban development in the Metropolis in relation to Punjab state. Download the study here. 


Making Women’s Voices Count. Integrating Gender Issues in Disaster Risk Management

Type: Report

Author: Helena Carlsson Rex, Zoe Trohanis

Publisher: World Bank

Date: 2011-2012

This series of practical Guidance Notes addresses the key issues, bottlenecks as well entry points and opportunities to systematically integrate gender issues into disaster risk management projects across the East Asia and Pacific Region. More...

Arrival City: Starting out at the end of the line

Type: Documentary

Date: 2013

In the next decades, more than two billion rural people will gather their scant possessions and gamble their lives on a move to the city. “Arrival City”, a 60-minute film based on the internationally acclaimed book by Doug Saunders, turns the idea of the dead-end slum on its head. At ground level, we meet Arrival City newcomers struggling to break into the core city – and the middle class. At the citywide level, we see officials struggling to manage the unmanageable, keeping arrival cities from collapsing, or from bleeding into the rest of the metropolis. At the global level, we hear how our connectedness delivers innovations, pandemics, and political movements from the arrival city right to your front door. More...

Future Proofing Cities. Risks and opportunities for inclusive urban growth in developing countries

Type: Report

Author: Atkins

Date: November 2012

This report outlines the risks cities in developing countries are facing, evaluates their vulnerability and capacity to respond and shows opportunities for their future proofing. Its central message is that the earlier cities take steps to future proof their urban development, the better they prevent unsustainable and unsuitable development. More...

Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Cooperation. Policy Guidance

Type: Report

Author: OECD

Date: 2009

This Policy Guidance outlines priorities for governments and donor agencies to mainstream and integrate adaptation into development practices. It also encourages the capacity building of local governments to assess current policies to see if they are resilient to expected changes. More...

Linking Adaptation to Development

Type: Report

Author: Bonizella Biagini

Publisher: Global Environment Facility

Date: October 2006

The publication provides a background of GEF's take on sustainable development, illustrated with examples of adaptation projects in key development sectors such as Health, Infrastructure and Tourism. More...

Up in Smoke? Asia and the Pacific. The threat from Climate Change to Human Development and the Environment

Type: Report

Author: Hannah Reid (IIED), Andrew Simms, Dr  Victoria Johnson (nef), Working Group on Climate Change and Development

Publisher: New Economics Foundation and IIED

Date: November 2007 

This report focuses on the effects of climate change on the Asian region, where 60% of the world's population live. It emphasises positive examples of action being taken by governments, civil society and individuals. It makes a series of recommendations on a set of topics: food & farming, Energy, Health, Migration, Cities, Gender, Water and Drought, Seas and Coasts, Biodiversity and Disasters. More...

Towards pro-poor adaptation to climate change in the urban centres of low- and middle-income countries

Type: Discussion Paper

Author: Moser.C, Satterthwaite.D 

Publisher: IIED (Human Settlements Discussion Paper Series, Climate Change and Cities #3)

Date: October 2008

This paper describes how a large number of climate change-vulnerable communities are concentrated in urban centers in low and middle income countries, and proposes a framework for adaptation in these centers. It highlights the synergies between poverty reduction and resilience to climatic changes. More...

Adapting to climate change in urban areas: the possibilities and constraints in low and middle income nations

Type: Working Paper Series

Author: David Satterthwaite, Saleemul Huq, Hannah Reid, Mark Pelling and Patricia Romero Lankao

Publisher: IIED

Date: Oct 2007

This report was prepared for the Rockefeller Foundation's Global Urban Summit in July 2007. Urban areas in low and middle-income countries home a third of the world's population. The report classifies the risk of climate change posed to different nations, cities and populations, and suggests that many cities have no infrastructure to adapt, and international organizations have not favoured funding urban programs that address these infrastructural capacity deficits. More...