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ICLEI Regional Resources

ICLEI-ACCCRN Process Workbook

Type: Toolkit

Publisher: ICLEI South Asia Secretariat

Date: 2015

The ICLEI ACCCRN Process (IAP) enables local governments to assess their climate risks in the context of urbanisation, poverty and vulnerability and formulate corresponding resilience strategies. It draws on the experiences from the ten core ACCCRN cities (see and existing ICLEI approaches and has been applied in a range of cities in Indonesia, Bangladesh, the Philippines and India.

Building Adaptive and Resilient Cities (BARC) Program and Tool

Type: Online Tool and Resources

Publisher: ICLEI Canada Office

Date: 2015

Africa Cities Adapt Online Tool

Type: Online Tool

Publisher: ICLEI Africa Secretariat

Date: 2012

Leadership & Legacy: Handbook for Local Elected Officials

Type: Handbook

Author: Holly Vaughan

Publisher: ICLEI Canada Office

Date: 2012

Having the Climate Conversation: Strategies for Local Governments

Type: Handbook

Author: Leya Barry and Nick Weigeldt

Publisher: ICLEI Canada Office

Date: 2012

Adapting urban water systems to climate change

Type: Handbook


Publisher: ICLEI European Secretariat

Date: 2011

Mexican Local Governments experiences on Climate Action Planning (PACMUN)

Type: Case Report

Author: ICLEI Mexico Office

Date: 2012

This is an overview of the Mexican Program to develop Municipal Climate Action Plans aimed at building effective synergies between the local and national stakeholders to encourage a public policy framework on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Sub-Saharan Africa: 5 City Adaptation Network

Type: Workshop Report

Author: ICLEI Africa Secretariat

Date: 2012

This workshop report is about ICLEI Africa’s three year Climate Change Adaptation project entitled "Sub-Saharan African Cities: A five city Network to Pioneer Climate Adaptation through participatory Research and Local Action".

Local Government Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit (Oceania)

Type: Toolkit

Author: ICLEI Oceania

Date: 2008

Preparing for Climate Change: Guidebook for Local, Regional and State Governments (USA)

Type: Book

Author: Center for Science in the Earth System (The Climate Impacts Group)
Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean
University of Washington

Date: 2007

Changing Climate, Changing Communities: Guide and Workbook for Municipal Climate Adaptation (Canada)

Type: Guidebook

Author: ICLEI Canada