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Resilient Cities 2013

Please find below an overview of Resilient Cities 2013 Congress, with links to session descriptions.

FRIDAY, 31 MAY 2013

Opening Plenary

Young Researchers' Forum 

Poster Session


A1 Integrated urban risk assessment: Bridging the knowledge-action divide

A2 Making Cities Resilient Campaign

A3 Integrating resilience in urban planning: Global approaches

A4 Integrating ecosystem-based adaptation into urban climate change responses in Asia

A5 Resilient Building and Construction Forum

A6 Monrovia: Boosting resilience through peri-urban agriculture


B1 New tools and strategies for urban risk assessment

B2 Building resilience for the urban poor in Asia: Spotlight on ACCCRN

B3 Mainstreaming adaptation policy: Lessons for local governments

B4 Adapting urban water management

B5 Resilient Building and Construction Forum



C1 Community-based adaptation solutions - Tapping the city's most valuable resource 

C2 Taking the right decisions under uncertainty: What do local governments need?

C3 Resilience into planning - Focus on Europe, floods, and blue-green landscapes 

C4 Building resilience in cities in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) Region 

C5 Resilient Urban Food Systems Forum: Opening


D1 Living in low-income urban settlements in an era of climate change 

D2 Attaining a holistic adaptation approach: Examples from around the world 

D3 Planning for resilient cities in Latin America and Asia

D4 Measuring urban resilience infrastructure 

D5 Resilient Urban Food Systems Forum: Case study presentations

Young Researchers' Forum Session Overview 

Poster Session (abstracts and poster pdfs)


E1 Resilient Urban Food Systems Forum Workshop 1: Can cities become more self-reliant in food?

E2 Enabling local action on adaptation: Planning and policy tools and frameworks 

E3 Resilient Urban Food Systems Forum Workshop 2: The role of food systems in city disaster planning and responses

E4 Durban Adaptation Charter: From commitment to implementation

E5 Resilient Urban Food Systems Forum Workshop 3: Can green real estate foster better city-food planning?

E6 Incorporating climate change concerns into city development strategies


F1 Advancing urban resilience through the strategic use of spatial data 

F2 Converging Interests: Mainstreaming sustainable infrastructure finance 

F3 Reframing vulnerability in the city and planning for inclusive and equitable adaptation

F4 Adaptation on the Ground - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

F5 Resilient Urban Food Systems Forum: Closing Panel



Plenary: Financing the Resilient City


G1 Ecosystem and blue/green infrastructure based approaches to adaptation

G2 Assessing vulnerability and increasing urban resilience: Lessons from local experience

G3 Regulating urban land use in flood prone areas in the Global South

G4 Adaptation on the Ground - Vancouver, Canada 


H1 Integrating biodiversity and ecosystem valuation in urban planning and design

H2 Urban Vulnerability Assessment in South Asia: Challenges and lessons learnt

H3 Fostering multi-stakeholder collaboration - Innovative global solutions

H4 Resilience building: Key components of practice


Outlook Plenary