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Resilient Cities 2010

Please find below an overview of Resilient Cities 2010 Congress, with links to session descriptions.

FRIDAY, 28 MAY 2010

A1 Assessing vulnerability as a basis for urban adaptation

A2 Multi-level governance for adaptation and resilience I

A3 Cities in focus I

A4 Building resilience to climate change in Asian cities

B1 Urban vulnerability assessments in developing countries: lessons from tool makers and field testers

B2 Multi-level governance for adaptation and resilience II

B3 Cities in focus II

B4 Reality check: Dhaka, Adaptation on the ground case workshop



C1 Cities adaptive capacity I

C2 Inclusive adaptation I

C3 Urban flood-resilience

C4 Urban adaptation planning and governance: Challenges to emerging wisdom

C5 Reality check: Quito, Ecuador adaptation on the ground case workshop


D1 Cities adaptive capacity II

D2 Inclusive adaptation II

D3 Water sensitive cities

D4 Regional problems, regional solutions I

D5 Integrated adaptation planning

E1 Urban risk assessment

E2 Resilient thinking for urban planning

E3 The central and critical role of biodiversity in climate change

E4 Regional problems, regional solutions II

E5 Reality check: Miami-Dade County, FA, USA Adaptation on the ground - case workshop

F1 Tools and implementation

F2 Leading local adaptation

F3 Coastal cities: Living on the edge

F4 Urban heat islands

F5 Reality check: Durban, South Africa, adaptation on the ground - case workshop


SUNDAY, 30 MAY 2010

G1 Ensuring food security through adaptation

G2 Climate change action plans in Latin American cities: Lessons learned and opportunities in adaptation

G3 Tools in action I

G4 Intelligent urban fabric

G5 Cities in focus III

H1 Acclimating energy and transport systems

H2 Greening our cities

H3 Tools in action II

H4 Science call on mayors

H5 Synthesizing recent advances in cross-regional knowledge on the urban responses to climate change