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Resilient Cities - Bonn 2013 - Banner

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-  Tell us your outcomes of Resilient Cities 2014, your project ideas, newly established contacts or your stories during and after the congress and publish them on our blog, newsletter and twitter

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Resilient Cities 2014: Day 3 Highlights (May 31)

Participants and sessions looked toward implementation and the year ahead during the final day of Resilient Cities. Read about what mayors are doing to champion resilience, how finance mechanisms are moving forward, new interactive modeling tools for cities, the road to Paris 2015 and more in our daily congress newsletter from May 31st.

Resilient Cities 2014: Day 2 Highlights (May 30)

Resilient Cities delved into the challenges of multi-stakeholder collaboration and bottom-up approaches.  Read about how cities can incorporate input from businesses, researchers, and the community and build local capacity for risk analysis, adaptation planning, and resilience finance in our daily congress newsletter from May 30th.

Resilient Cities 2014: Day 1 Highlights (May 29)

Resilient Cities kicked off with a look at the latest projections of how climate change will impact cities and how urban planners can tap into new knowledge and data, including on ecosystem based approaches, to prepare for the future. Read more about what is in store and what Resilient Cities participants would do to save the world in our daily congress newsletter from May 29th.