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Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Initiative: Addressing city food, nutritional security and human rights

The Municipal Secretary of Food and Nutritional Security of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, has a vision to contribute to the improvement in life quality for the inhabitants of Belo Horizonte through developing actions which promote Nutrition and Food Security. The purpose of the secretary is to plan and coordinate policy for supply, nutrition and food security.

All human beings, for the simple fact of having been born and a part of the human race, possess Human Rights, among which is the Human Right to Adequate Food. In Brazil, the concept of the food security has been debated for at least 30 years and has suffered from changes based on social and human history.  This presentation looks at how the city is addressing this challenge through school food programs, public restaurants, promoting healthy eating habits, street markets, and community gardens. 

Find out more: Case Studies: Unpacking the city-region food system Session,  took place on the 1st of June 2013, 11:00 a.m. Mr. Flavio Duffles, Municipal Secretary for Food and Nutritional Security at SMASAN, shared their experience in working on National Policy for Nutrition and Food Security. Presentation available here.


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