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Resilient Cities 2019 - Exhibition

26 April 2019

Why becoming an Exhibitor at hashtag#ResilientCities 2019? We can give you 100 reasons, but why not ask directly to previous Exhibitors? Meet Prof. Dr. Andreas Gerdes, from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: Why is he returning this year? More on Exhibition at

Webinar: Delivering Local Resilience

10 April 2019

We wish to thank all the participants to this webinar that almost reached the maximum attendees number! Did you miss the live streaming? Do not worry, we have you covered! Click here to watch the full version of the webinar.

Why does your city urgently need to engage in resilience planning and building? What are the best ways to do it? ICLEI’s leading expertise and know-how about local resilience offered a blueprint showcasing the exceptional potential of resilient cities to recover from shocks and drive economic, environmental and social well-being.

Resilient Cities 2019 Program

5 March 2019

Check out the Resilient Cities 2019 program overview (here) or download the pdf. While it will be still subject to adjustments, the Congress’ structure offers a synopsis of the topics we will discuss, the theme tracks we will feature and the special elements for this 10th anniversary edition!

Resilient Cities 2019 Site visits

5 March 2019

Discover innovative initiatives from Germany, while touring with experts during the site visits! Resilient Cities 2019 will offer five exciting site visits to present know-how and best practices in disaster risk management, Nature-Based Solutions, and protection of cultural and natural heritage from the German perspective.

The site visits are organized by our esteemed partners: The Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance; The German Committee for Disaster Reduction (DKKV); The Fire and Rescue Service of the Federal City of Bonn; and The City of Essen.

Resilient Cities 2019 Registration open

10 November 2018

The registration for the 2019 congress is now open!

Make sure to register before 3 April 2019 to benefit from our Early Bird fees!

Resilient Cities 2019 Sponsorship Opportunities

17 September 2018

Contribute to the advancement of urban resilience by becoming our sponsor for resilient Cities 2019 - special 10th anniversary edition! The continuous and generous backing of institutions and companies is what makes the successful conduction of the Resilient Cities Congresses possible.

Check our sponsorship opportunities on our dedicated page or download the PDF version here.

Resilient Cities Report 2018

15 August 2018

We are thrilled to announce our Resilient Cities Report 2018, which captures  the current status of resilience worldwide through the Congress' core discussions and outcomes.

Find out more about the congress and the full congress program on the Resilient Cities 2018 website, or deepen your understanding of some Congress' topics through the 2018 Online Proceedings and Background Papers.

Outcomes from Resilient Cities 2018

7 May 2018

Resilient Cities Congress 2018

This years edition of Resilient Cities featured both consolidated and emerging topics in urban resilience and adaptation to climate change.

There were many interesting highlights and thematic streams for example

  • Overall, the scale and speed of resilience challenges are growing for cities worldwide
  • Progress in implementing SDG 11 is on the right track, but multi-stakeholder collaboration must be reinforced. Open forums like the Talanoa Dialogues may provide the right tools to expand such cooperation
  • Cities, towns and regions in Small Islands and Developing States are among the most vulnerable actors in regard to climate change, hence they urgently need global support in their adaptation strategies
  • Cities should protect their cultural and natural heritage to adapt to climate change without losing their identity
  • Financing resilience remains one of the most difficult challenges, but new tools and approaches are emerging, especially to engage the private sector
  • Involving citizens in the early stages of adaptation planning proves to be beneficial for both the city and its people
  • Ways to reconcile urban resilience and increasing digitization – exploring opportunities & threats.

Find out more about the congress and the full congress program on the Resilient Cities 2018 website.

Resilient Cities 2018 at a glance

28 April 2018

Resilient Cities 2018 at a glance

Looking for a daily digest of RC2018? Click the following links for all the major events covered during the congress:

For an overview of the congress' content, check out the program book and the session description book.

Discover our speakers and which local governments were represented at the congress? 

Did you know that RC2018 was officially part of the Talanoa Dialogues? Learn more about Talanoa and how our forum is unique in providing an open and safe space for a true multi-stakeholder dialogue.