Description of program elements

Congress sections are composed of the different elements detailed below. Several sessions were held in parallel, giving participants the opportunity to make an "à la carte" selection of the sessions that they wished to attend.

Strategy Dialogues

Strategy dialogues are a unique and interactive program feature casting a light on urgent worldwide issues. Among the themes selected this year were:

  • Urban design for resilience through water, food and energy security
  • Adapt or Insure?
  • Ecosystem services for urban resilience: The urgency of action

Renowned international experts and leaders of international organizations were present. Participants had an opportunity to learn from their expertise and let their future projects be influenced by these positive learning experiences.

Reality Check Workshops

Reality Check Workshops are the flagship series of the Resilient Cities congress with three to four workshops, each an in-depth case study of the challenges faced and measures taken by a city attempting to adapt to climate change. More here.

City session stream

The city session stream was an important feature of the congress sections: during each time slot allocated, participants had an opportunity to learn from the experiences of a great multitude of cities. Each city case focused on the most significant example of the local strategy considered, which provided in the end a patchwork of the most relevant strategies implemented worldwide.

Mayors Adaptation Forum

The Mayors Adaptation Forum is the leadership segment of Resilient Cities. To know more about the MAF here.